Welcome to KWV De Kaag

You are very welcome as a passer-by in our marinas.


Harbor Kaag Society

You are most welcome as a passer-by at our location De Kaagsocieteit. You can register via the registration form Passers-by. (see below). After payment you will receive the necessary codes for the WIFI, plumbing and other useful information. You can register in advance with the harbor master on 06-15698003, but unfortunately it is not possible to book in advance.


Ports East/West Warmond

You can contact the secretariat for availability on number 071-3010035. The opening hours are: Monday, Thursday and Friday (8.30am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 5pm) hours. Outside opening hours you can find the availability at the entrance of the harbor office on the window. 

At the harbor on the West side on the Leede you can take a seat at the reporting jetty.

You can then walk to the harbor office where you will find the available empty overnight boxes on the window. Please note that a box can already be used by another passer-by. So first check whether the place is actually empty. You can then take a seat there after you have completed the form below.

 Aanmeldformulier Passanten

Für Deutsche passanten: Bitte beachten Sie, dass es bei Sofortzahlungen zu Verzögerungen kommt, was bedeutet, dass die Zahlung manchmal später sichtbar ist. Dann füllen Sie das Passantenformular nicht noch einmal aus. Sie erhalten die Bestätigungs-E-Mail, diese befindet sich jedoch möglicherweise in Ihrem Spam-Ordner.


Our house rules in short

We kindly ask you to limit the volume of your sound system on board after 10 PM. Of course, this also applies to your own voice.

Access to the grounds, toilets and showers and WIFI

After registering via the passer-by form, you will receive an email with the codes for the wicket gate, toilets and showers and WIFI.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead at all times. The owner is expected to clean up any excrement and throw it in the container. Bags can be found to the right of the sliding door to the waste containers and to the left of the gate at the beginning of the access path on the dike.

Drinking water is free. You must provide your own hose.

You can purchase electricity on the jetties. Some connections are open. This is included in the price.

You can use the showers freely. You do not need coins for this.

Waste can be deposited in the appropriate containers.

Passers-by rate is € 2.25 per meter / night for non-members

Passers-by rate is € 1.00 per meter/night for members (after 8 nights p/y)

It is not allowed to cycle on the jetties, to swim in the harbor, to fish or to have a barbecue.







Kaagstraat 1

2361 KM, Warmond

 071 - 30 10 035